Relax to the max? Or a quick treatment making you glow on the go? Treat your signs of aging? Or help your young skin get rid of acne? Mini Salon offers various treatments that fit your wishes and skin type. The first treatment includes an intake session. That way you can tell me about your wishes, and I can explain the treatment.

Quick refresh

Are you short on time, but do you want to freshen up your look quickly in between? In that case, the quick refresh is the perfect treatment for you. Within 45 minutes you’ll be ready to go! Your skin is cleansed, pampered and your eyebrows are in shape. Perfect to book right before a weekend trip, or a fancy party. If you have acne, this treatment works very well as pre-treatment to the Algae Peel.

Foto Mini Salon Wastafel

Treatment for men

Skin care is important for men as well. That is why Mini Salon has this special treatment for men! In just 45 minutes your skin is cleansed, eyebrows are brought back into (manly) shape and you’ll get a neck & shoulders massage. Now how does that sound after a busy day at work?

Young skin acne treatment

This treatment of 60-75 minutes is especially for younger skin that can’t take skin peels just yet. Your skin is cleansed intensively and the use of multiple products with highly active ingredients will help you reduce your skin problems for sure. Are you past the age of puberty, but still have acne? Take a look at Skin Peels.

Oxygen treatment

One of my personal favorites! This treatment of 60-75 minutes will leave a wonderful glow on your face. In short: when you get older, the cell division in your skin slows down. This becomes visible by fine lines, paler shade and blemishes. The ingredients of the Oxygen Treatment are all dedicated to getting your skin cells back in action. So, are you ready for a visible boost for your skin?

Me-time treatment

The me-time treatment is similar to the Oxygen Treatment, but it includes an unbelievably amazing massage of your face, neck and shoulders. It’s actually a workout for your skin, while you are doing nothing at all! You can count on 90 minutes of pure relaxation, which can work wonders for a busy and stressful life.