In the overview below you’ll find prices of all treatments at Mini Salon. The first appointment will take up a little more of your time, because it includes a 15 minute intake. That way you can tell me all about your wishes, I can explain the treatment and you know what result to expect. For the best effect from facials and skin peels, you should continue your skin care at home with the appropriate products. I will advise you on what’s best for your skin type.


Quick refresh45 min€ 45,-
Man treatment45 min€ 50,-
Young skin acne treatment60-75 min€ 60,-
Oxygen treatment60-75 min€ 65,-
Me-time treatment90 min€ 90,-

Skin Peels

Peel with acids60 min€ 70,-
Algae peel60-75 min€ 80,-
Algae peel regimen3 times within 3 weeks€ 225,-
Combination peel algae and acid90 min€ 105,-

Plasma Lifting

Frown75 min€ 129,-
Lip lines90 min€ 229,-
Eyebrow lift90 min€ 289,-
Upper eyelid correction90 min€ 289,-
Lower eyelid correction105 min€ 349,-
Forehead lift105 min€ 349,-
Hands120 min€ 389,-
Jaw line lift120 min€ 489,-
Neck lift120 min€ 489,-

Mini Treats

Brow shape or dye10 min€ 10,-
Lash dye15 min€ 12,-
Brow shape and dye15 min€ 15,-
Brow shape, dye and lash dye20 min€ 20,-


Face massage40 min€ 40,-
Body massage40 min€ 40,-
Body massage60 min€ 60,-


Upper lip or chin10 min€ 8,-
Upper lip and chin15 min€ 15,-
Lower arms20 min€ 18,-
Bikini line (from)25 min€ 25,-
Armpits25 min€ 25,-
Entire arms25 min€ 25,-
Lower legs25 min€ 25,-
Entire legs40 min€ 40,-
Back (from)30 min€ 30,-

You can cancel or reschedule your treatment free of charge until 24 hours before the scheduled time. Appointments that are canceled too late, or no shows might be charged.