Marlies van den Langenberg

Hi there, nice to meet you!


In my very first blog I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Marlies, 29 years old, nearly 30, auch. As of August, I’m the proud owner of my own beauty salon, Mini Salon. Though I’ve always been interested in beauty and skincare it never occurred to me to become a professional, until a year ago.

I had planned a ladies’ night with my friends, and I went out to get the wine. Which is not so beneficial for your skin, but very essential at ladies’ night. Anyways, I noticed the cashier taking a close look at my face before scanning my bottles of rosé. I was already reaching for my purse, but she didn’t ask to see my id card. I beg your pardon? Do I seem old to you? I didn’t say that out loud of course. It felt very confronting. Back home I looked into the mirror, and it hit me. I’m getting older. I could clearly see some lines on my forehead. Where did those come from? Do I frown that much? Of-course I don’t have to look like I’m 16 anymore, I’m almost thirty. I just wasn’t really aware of changes in my face until now.

Everybody gets older, it’s part of life and it’s fine! However, I do prefer growing old in the most beautiful way possible. That’s why I went on a quest to find the perfect beauty solution. My very long search on the internet resulted in more questions than answers. Holy cow, have you ever seen the amount of skin treatments, wrinkle creams and cosmetic procedures? How should anyone know what works well? Dedicated to find out I dived into the matter. I read blogs of dermatologists, books about skincare and talked with professionals. Eventually I made my life changing decision: I’m going back to school and become a beautician myself. After hard work and a really cool internship I finished my study very quickly (yay me!). With my official diploma in the pocket I opened Mini Salon. The place where you can come cry when you spotted your first wrinkle. After that I will help you sparkle and shine again. Sounds like a plan, right? You’re welcome for many more treatments by the way, just check out the website!

I gained much more knowhow about cosmetic ingredients and treatments that really work. I believe there is always more to learn, so I’m currently specializing in acne treatments and my next study is planned as well. I will keep you posted on all happenings in my salon, new treatments and I will give you a peek into my personal life. Hope to see you soon!



P.S. Look into the mirror and smile, that makes you look your prettiest!

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